What Commercial Security Systems Should Be.

The most advanced business security solutions in the industry. 

monitorandcontrolMany Baton Rouge business owners in like you trust us with their business security. Between employees, customers, profits, and inventory, you’ve got a lot on your mind. Losses from theft can add up from loss of inventory to loss of your precious time. Why not change the way you do business with remote security? Features like remote arm/disarm, climate and light control, and text alerts will change the way you think of security.

How can we help you secure your most important investment?

Real time, secure video makes keeping an eye on your business (and your bottom line) easier than ever. From alarm monitoring and alarm systems to advanced camera systems, we offer top notch equipment and service. Trust us to protect your property and your business. A security solution from us is the smart choice for your business.

Smart Security is Smart Business

Business Automation Business Security Security
Touch Screen Panel Business Security Systems
Temperature Control Business Alarm Monitoring with cell backup
Lighting Control Fire Alarm Systems
Small Appliance Control Intrusion Detection
Electronic Door Locks Access Control Systems
Remote Access CCTV Installation, Maintenance, Retrieval

Download the Alarm.com App

With the added functionality of the Alarm.com app, having remote control and monitoring of your home or business from your smart phone has never been easier.

MONITORED 24/7 from OUR U.L. Monitoring Station.

Featuring the latest in modern technology, our 8,000-square-foot alarm monitoring central station in Louisiana is certified by Underwriters Laboratories each year. Our certified operators are ready 24/7 for your home or business’s alarm pulse signals, in the event of an emergency. With our certified local monitoring station, monitoring for burglary, fire, medical emergencies, or even potentially life-threatening situations, you can rest assured help is just an phone call away.

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